Proposed refurbishment and extension to former Brewhouse for mixed use development 

Public Consultation


Under the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (Wales) (Amendment) Order 2016 Part 1A Section 2B those proposing major development are required to consult with members of the public and community and statutory bodies prior to submitting their planning application to the Local Planning Authority.


This website provides details of the latest development proposals at Central Quay, Cardiff. The proposals involve the redevelopment of the former Brains Brewhouse for a mixed-use scheme.


Rightacres Property Company Ltd intends to submit a full planning application in Winter 2019 for the refurbishment of the former Brains Brewhouse alongside an extension to the building. The proposals are to bring the building back into beneficial use for an office led mixed-use development.


You are invited to make comments to the Rightacres team for us to consider before we submit the planning application.


It is important to note that this exercise is entirely separate from the statutory consultation that Cardiff Council may conduct once the planning application has been submitted. The current process will not preclude you from making future comments and should you wish to do so, you may make further comments at that stage, for consideration by the Council.

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The former Brewhouse is located to the southern side of Cardiff Central station, within the Central Quay development site. 

Planning permission (18/00735/MJR) was previously granted on the wider Central Quay site for a mixed use office building (The Ledger), a multi storey car park and public realm works in connection with the Central Quay development. 

Under the current proposals, planning permission will be sought for the refurbishment of the main Brewhouse along with a contemporary extension which will allow for approximately 7,500 sqm of floorspace predominantly for office space but also including food and beverage uses.  
The proposals also seek to retain the 150ft chimney adjacent to the Brewhouse, a significant landmark dominating the skyline, which will be incorporated within the design of the Central Quay development.

The current proposals form the second major planning application relating to the Central Quay redevelopment, which once delivered, will transform the former Brains Brewery site and surrounding land into a landmark waterfront development in the heart of the city centre.
The development has been led by the Central Quay masterplan document which set out the vision and objectives for the wider Central Quay development. The Masterplan helps ensure that a cohesive design approach is taken to the redevelopment of the site in its entirety.



A draft copy of the documents that are to be submitted as part of the formal planning application has been made available here for you to review:

0341-RIO-XX-ZZ-VS-A-07003-Atrium Interna


Should you wish to submit comments on the current proposals please send them to:


or alternatively the following postal address:


Brewhouse Consultation


Helmont House

Churchill Way


CF10 2HE


The closing date for comments is 05/01/2020 – comments received after this date may not be taken into account. An analysis of the feedback received and any changes to the scheme will be reported in the pre-application consultation report, submitted as part of the planning application.


Your feedback will be used by Lichfields (Planning Consultant to Rightacres Property Company Ltd) and Rightacres Property Company Ltd solely for the purpose of this consultation exercise. Non-identifiable data will be submitted, along with the planning application, to the Local Planning Authority. Your details will be held securely by both companies in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


Any comments received at this stage will be treated confidentially and no individual will be identified.